What every writer possesses…

19 03 2012

…Is a vivid imagination.  Without this key talent, none of us could write.  We create our stories first in our imagination.  This is where the seed is planted before it ever comes to paper.  J.K. Rowling’s books began as stories she made up and told her children at bedtime, E.B. White’s books were stories that he made up in his head as he observed the interactions of different animal species.  As writers, we just can’t help but create fantasy worlds in our minds which then clamor to be birthed onto paper. We are, first and foremost, storytellers.

Ever since I can remember, I have been making up stories.  Creating worlds other than my own to explain life to myself.  Some of these stories have made it to paper, others remain in my imagination, half fledged thoughts and creations that may one day appear in the pages of a book or then again, may remain in my imagination to keep me company and provide fodder for new stories.

Writers write what they know.  Why is that?  Because we lived our stories first.  Whether dark and dangerous, light and fanciful, horrific and bloodthirsty, or anywhere in between, the author has lived their story in their mind first before presenting it to the world as a full born creation.  We draw our prose from the depths of our souls and then pull from the well of our imaginations the fabric that entertains and enthralls our readers.  And we do so because writing is our life’s blood and to leave our stories untold is to leave ourselves forever unfulfilled.





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