Life as a Story

25 05 2012

I find that I tend to write what I know or hear about or experience, either first-hand or vicariously.  It seems that when I begin to get itchy to write, a series of events will occur that feed into my story, giving it a realistic believability that others can relate to.  

Case in point: my latest offering is the story of a woman who walks away from her life as she knows it, to search for her ultimate dreams.  As I have worked on this story, I have encountered many individuals who have made just this choice and their stories and experiences are finding their way into my story as I address the consequences, good and bad, of following your heart and your dreams and learning about yourself as you make the journey.  The story still has a long way to go and I’m sure that God or fate will continue to place people and events in my life as I write, to help me create a novel that will touch others as I am being touched. We shall see.  In any case, the journey is interesting, to say the least. I wonder how I will have changed once this story is told in its entirety.


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