A pinch of this, a dash of that.

13 06 2012

Not everything I write makes it into my stories.  I write about everything; sorrows, yearnings, joys, accomplishments, gains, losses; if it happens to me or to someone I care about, I write about it.  If it fits a story, great.  If not, it ends up in a folder on my desktop, waiting to be perused at a later date.

If I were a really GREAT writer, I’d be able to put these moments to poetry and keep them like a strand of pearls, a keepsake of sorts, much as my friend David Noel does. But I’m not a poet, I’m just a storyteller, and so I take a little from here and a little from there and create another world, another experience, another life that hopefully my readers can relate to.

And with the rest of it, those memories, feelings, events that shape my life, I save them for those days when I’m strong enough, needy enough, or in search of guidance and inspiration, and I pull them out and relive those moments again.  And that’s enough.




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