Hating the Clock

16 08 2012

Let’s just throw this out there.  Writer’s Block SUCKS!  But what’s worse is I am so insanely busy with school starting for my two youngest kids and our two exchange students, that even if I did want to write, I have no time to do so since I am spending all my time running around talk to school counselors and instructors, trying to get schedules worked out that meet everyone’s educational needs.  In fact, this posting is coming to you LIVE from one of said counselor’s rooms.  She hasn’t arrived yet and I feel the need to vent.

I have two books on the burner right now;  a sequel to Fatal Compulsions (for those of you who’ve read it, Rett and Audry’s story is continuing) and a novel about self-discovery.  Both have reached an impasse, although I got some great ideas for FC’s sequel from one of my fabulous Book Studs that I think I’ll use to get the story moving again. Oh and I should mention that Daughter of My Heart, my newest novel, will be out next month and I have done little to nothing to promote it.

Now, if only I could find the time…and keep writer’s block at bay.  Here’s the counselor. It’s about time.  It’s always about time.


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