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31 03 2013

I love following this genius at work. Any time I am stuck, unmotivated, experiencing the usual writer’s angst, I turn to The Cultural Purveyor for relief, insight, motivation, and a dose of reality.  All writers should be checking in with this guru (my personal opinion).  Here’s my dose of reality for today.CPphoto


What inspires us to write? There is something inside us that must be let out… a craving to express ourselves with the written word. Our efforts might  be as short as a haiku, as long as War and Peace or anything in between. It doesn’t matter as long as the wordsmith muse within us is let free.

The Cultural Purveyor encourages the Arts in all its forms, most especially the Art of writing.

How though do you become inspired? Today we are sharing a short piece written by +pio dal cin .  His inspiration was a memory of an event in his past. For  him the memory was sweet and loving.

Not all memories are pleasant, nor do they have to be in order to be expressed. Today take your 15 minutes of writing time (you do carve out time to do that don’t you?) and think about something from your past. It can be humorous, sad, joyful or simply nostalgic and let your creativity flow.


30 03 2013

Reblogging this great advice from fellow author, Ollin

Looking for Guest Bloggers

30 03 2013

Keeping up with 4 blogs can be a full time job.  That means less time for health coaching and writing my books.  So if you are interested in guest blogging on any of my 4 blogs:

Free To Find The Best You – Health and Wellness

A Crafter At Heart – Crafts and DIY projects

Deep In My Psyche -The ins and outs of writing and telling stories

Relating To You – Relationship Issues

Contact me at My Email .

I’d love to read what others think and are doing.

Rubbing elbows

14 03 2013

It’s always a pleasure to meet fellow authors.  I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Weldon Long this past weekend, author of The Upside of Fear and The Power of Prosperity.  His story and his writings are powerful.   I was inspired just listening to him.


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