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21 07 2013

Still have not helped yourself to one of my books? While supplies last I am offering the pair for $40.00; signed! Give yourself the chance to delve into the mystery of Fatal Compulsions and allow your emotions full reign in Daughter of My Heart. Visit me on Facebook   and send me a private message to be sure you do not miss out!

Excerpt from Fatal Compulsions

Don was on his way back to his hotel room after meeting up with a few old friends for a nightcap at one of the local bars in Madison. He had decided that a nice quiet drive would clear his mind and since he would be leaving town in less than forty hours, it would be nice to sort of say goodbye to the area as he didn’t know…

Excerpt from Daughter of My Heart

To every season there is a purpose. To every life there is a purpose whether that life lasts for just a few moments or for centuries. What we take from our encounter with that life, what we learn as individuals, is ours to apply to our own livbookses and grow or reject and fail to thrive. 


Author interview with murder mystery author and fiction memoirist LT Bentley

17 02 2013

I recently did an interview with Morgen Bailey.  Be sure to check it out.


Author interview with murder mystery author and fiction memoirist LT Bentley.

via Author interview with murder mystery author and fiction memoirist LT Bentley.


17 11 2012

Who doesn’t like FREE things, especially books??  As for me, I love Books, especially those that are given to me as gifts.  With that in mind, I am giving away books.  Lots of books. 

Here’s the low down.  For the next two days, you can download a FREE Kindle version of Fatal Compulsions at 

For the next few hours, you can also get a FREE autographed hard copy of Fatal Compulsions at 

But you have to hurry.  The hard book offer closes at the end of the day and the Kindle offer ends Sunday night.  This is available only for this weekend so you don’t want to miss it. It’s my way of getting in to the Thankful and Gifting season.

Contest ending…

24 10 2012

Yes, the giveaway for an autographed copy of Daughter of My Heart: Cela’s Letters Home ends tomorrow night. Enter at for your chance at a copy.


But don’t despair if you miss out.  I’m running another giveaway for my psychological thriller, Fatal Compulsions.  You can enter at  
to win an autographed copy.  But you’d better hurry.  This one will close soon too.

Hating the Clock

16 08 2012

Let’s just throw this out there.  Writer’s Block SUCKS!  But what’s worse is I am so insanely busy with school starting for my two youngest kids and our two exchange students, that even if I did want to write, I have no time to do so since I am spending all my time running around talk to school counselors and instructors, trying to get schedules worked out that meet everyone’s educational needs.  In fact, this posting is coming to you LIVE from one of said counselor’s rooms.  She hasn’t arrived yet and I feel the need to vent.

I have two books on the burner right now;  a sequel to Fatal Compulsions (for those of you who’ve read it, Rett and Audry’s story is continuing) and a novel about self-discovery.  Both have reached an impasse, although I got some great ideas for FC’s sequel from one of my fabulous Book Studs that I think I’ll use to get the story moving again. Oh and I should mention that Daughter of My Heart, my newest novel, will be out next month and I have done little to nothing to promote it.

Now, if only I could find the time…and keep writer’s block at bay.  Here’s the counselor. It’s about time.  It’s always about time.

Fatal Compulsions was released July 9, 2012

10 07 2012

I feel like a brand new mother. All the work, preparation, waiting, and more work, more waiting, has finally paid off. Fatal Compulsions has finally come off the presses and will be filling bookshelves near you any day now. Don’t want to wait for your nearest book store to get it in? The link to purchase it online is
As a new author, I am walking on cloud nine. I wonder if this feeling ever diminishes with each consecutive book? I guess I’ll find out when Daughter of My Heart is released in September 2012.

Where to begin.

11 03 2012

I’m often asked how I come up with my stories.  To be honest, they tend to begin with a random thought that just kind of grows and feeds upon itself.  For example, Fatal Compulsions was born out of a need to physically hurt someone.  Let me explain this further before people who live close to me read this and begin to panic.. 

Before Fatal Compulsions was a book, it was one of those random thoughts that just pop into the mind out of seemingly nowhere. I was angry, bitterly so.  You know that anger that is black in nature, the kind that leads you to believe that you might actually cause someone else physical harm? It was that moment when I reached that depth in myself, that my subconscious mind met my conscious mind and began to create scenarios on how to inflict the most harm in the most satisfying ways.

I should point out here that I can be very creative and twisted.  However, I don’t believe myself capable of acting upon any of my imaginings.  For one, I know I’d too easily be caught for my crimes.  For another, I’m not exactly the violent type when it comes to putting thought to actions.  Good thing too.

But I digress.  So once my imagination began creating ways to exact revenge, it then needed to come up with a means to escape punishment for any potential criminal acts.  As my mind began along this train of supposition, it naturally flowed from being angry to creating a whole story about crimes that went unpunished. 

When I reach this point, my “fantasies” take on a life of their own and become an alternate reality that I dabble in mentally until the story clamors to be written down.  I find that if I don’t write these stories down, they become obsessive thoughts that refuse to let me rest.  They have already taken on a life of their own and demand to be birthed in the form of a book. 

Now, not all my imaginings make it through the birthing process.  Most die a slow and ignominious death at various points along the mental development stage..  But some are lucky enough to reach maturity. Hence the birth of Fatal Compulsions.

Word of warning to those who know me, don’t piss me off.  One of two things may happen.  You may end up in a case of “life mimicking fiction”. Or even worse, you may become immortalized in one of my books.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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